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The Circus with Raphael Massaro and Fabian Kitzweger at ARENA WIEN.

★ We were never lucky with the weather. It's been always cold, rainy and windy. So it's time to come up with something new that everyone was desperatly longing for - our first summer edition with all the wet and frisky fun. Circus - Summer Rave! is going to hit ARENA WIEN on JULY 15th. Don't miss it!

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★ Tomorrow we will celebrate the beauty of every single COLOR of the rainbow at Official Pride Night 2017 - Colors! Special international guests will be DJ Sharon O Love (The Loft CAGE Floor) and Charlet C. House (Club|Bar Auslage KEN Floor).

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★ Tomorrow at Regenbogenparade and Vienna Pride | Pride Village 2017 we will start distributing the Circus Flyer for Circus - Summer Edition! Guess who is one of the male cover models?

<3 John Harris Fitness

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★ Introducing The Loft - CAGE by The Circus will host the big dance floor on the lower level of The Loft. This is the perfect venue for CAGE. Please have a look at "Unten" dance floor.

See you all at Official Pride Night 2017 - Colors! to celebrate pride and love with Sharon O Love!

The Circus with Simon Dorner and 4 others.

★ The Circus hosts Showdown - After Hour Experience just after the Official Pride Night 2017 - Colors! at legendary Kaiserbruendl Herrensauna. Dance till noon to the beats of SHOWDOWN resident Mart.i while he is serving a very special good morning set!

★ CIRCUS HOTEL PACKAGE - Make your reservations at Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna now and get up to two tickets for Circus - Summer Edition! for free.

€ 91,- Single Room incl. Breakfast + 1 Ticket for CIRCUS *
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★ Before The Circus returns with its super hot, hot, hot Circus - Summer Edition! on July 15, CAGE will host a floor at the Official Pride Night 2017 - Colors! on June 17 at The Loft. Special guest this night will be beloved DJ Sharon O Love! Tickets available at:

★ Selling 100 Early Bird Tickets for € 16 now! Better be quick.

-> Circus - Summer Edition!

★ DJ/Producer Phil Romano will be headlining the upcoming Circus - Summer Edition!, ARENA WIEN on July 15.

Save the date and plan your trip to Vienna now. For special room packages at Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna please visit

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★ DJ/Producer Phil Romano will be headlining the upcoming Circus - Summer Edition!, ARENA WIEN on July 15.